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Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Versal
Hotel Versal 3 звезды Hotel Versal
on request
46 a Amursky bulvar, Khabarovsk
"Platinum-Arena" complex, Lenin Square, "Dinamo" Stadium
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Ali
Hotel Ali 5 звезды Hotel Ali
on request
17 Mukhina street, Khabarovsk
"Dinamo" Stadium, Theatre of a Musical comedy, Drama theatre
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Voskhod
Hotel Voskhod 3 звезды Hotel Voskhod
on request
4 Kirpichny lane, Khabarovsk
Theatre of a Musical comedy, Drama theatre
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Inturist-Khabarovsk
Hotel Inturist-Khabarovsk 3 звезды Hotel Inturist-Khabarovsk Best price guarntee
special price
2 Amursky bulvar, Khabarovsk
Drama theatre, The Cathedral of the Assumption, Arts Museum
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Турист
Hotel Турист 3 звезды Hotel Турист
on request
680021, Россия, г. Хабаровск, ул. Синельникова, 9
"Platinum-Arena" complex
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel
Hotel  3 звезды Hotel
on request
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Khabarovsk
Hotel Khabarovsk 3 звезды Hotel Khabarovsk
on request
188 Volochaevskaya Sreet, Khabarovsk
City centre
Hotels of Khabarovsk. Hotel Erofey
Hotel Erofey 3 звезды Hotel Erofey
on request
2 Stantsionnaya street, Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk Railway station

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10 things, must do in Khabarovsk

1.  The art museum in Khabarovsk is the most east of the Russian treasuries of works of the fine arts making glory of the national cultural heritage. Far East art museum can pride... >>>
2.  Khabarovsk is a unique place for Himalaya bear — hunting. Except for Khabarovsk, it is possible only in China. As a matter of fact, people come to Khabarovsk... >>>
3.  Night Khabarovsk is ready to offer entertainments to all tastes. The majority of night clubs of Khabarovsk works all night long. This side of Khabarovsk should be seen whatever... >>>
4.  There is main square in any city small or big. It centre is the original card of the city. As a rule this square locates in the centre, presentable buildings rise... >>>
5.  After that when in 1925 a monument to the count N. N. Murav' ev-Amurskiy was taken down on its base was erected V. I. Lenin's monument. But it did... >>>
6.  In each Russian city there is one, the most important street where restaurants, the best boutiques and shop, even theatres and cinema halls are concentrated. Khabarovsk is not exception. The Murav'... >>>
7.  The restaurant Sion has a good wine cellar and cuisine of good quality. Here you will not find the menu of hundreds various dishes, but each dish has chance to become favourite. The... >>>
8.  Khabarovsk is magnificent base for fans of mountain fishing. Find one-two days of your business schedule and participate in extraction of Taymen — king of the mountain... >>>
9.  The geological museum is created by experts of Geological city service of Khabarovsk. On November, 3rd, 1977 it have solemnly opened for inhabitants and visitors of city.... >>>
10.  In good weather, half of Khabarovsk, that does not walk along the Murav' ev-Amurskiy street gathers here. Ponds are very beautiful, in the evening it's romantically illuminated.... >>>
:) On the last day of your stay in Khabarovsk, please take a minute to offer your own "must do" and "must see" thing in Khabarovsk. Please send us you notes via e-mail. If we consider them to 10@mscgroup.ru
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